Project Description

Successful hair colorist Dylan Harrison has a website that needed an updated, better organized layout. We wanted to showcase his vibrant personality, and make his services and benefits more easily understandable.

Project Description


Dylan Harrison


Nov 9, 2020





Dylan Harrison came into contact with Marcus Styles, our co-founder, back in 2018. At the time, Dylan was transitioning from an in-salon stylist to an independent stylist, and he expressed that he wanted a brand that was striking, minimalistic, and bold. After three months of brand development, Marcus was able to execute on these deliverables.

Fast forward to 2020. As Dylan's brand developed independently, Dylan and Marcus realized that the branding they had originally collaborated on wasn’t serving the future of his brand. With the development of VZNCY, it was the perfect time to take Dylan's brand to the next level.


Dylan Harrison is a successful personal brand, and the issue wasn’t with his execution but instead with the look and feel of his brand. He needed a brand that encompassed his beachy, BoHo, Tarantino personality. He wanted to update his content, and repurpose his verbiage to capture this mood and aesthetic.


  • We wanted to transform his logo and branded marketing material into a fun, beachy ‘70s vibe
  • We needed a website layout that provides a streamlined one-page format, and takes visitors on a more logical, benefit-driven journey.
  • Although it may seem counterintuitive for a personal brand, we wanted the spotlight placed more on the benefits and services provided to clients, and less on Dylan himself. The personal connection would come more from tweaks to the wording (see next point).
  • The new content, including Dylan’s bio, would be reworded to a consistent first-person voice. The new verbiage would speak directly to visitors and allow Dylan to make more of a personal connection with potential new clients.


Working closely with Dylan, our team came into agreement that we wanted to create something filled with creativity, personality, and fun. We took our time creating and brainstorming, triple and quadruple checked every detail to make sure everything we included was something that represented Dylan, and conceived of a brand new Tarantino-esque video for the banner of his website that would truly showcase everything his brand has to offer.


In the end we were able to find a way to bring his beachy '70s vibe to life through photo, video, and design. Dylan was thrilled to have a brand that is 100% him. We are proud of our team for pulling together such a cohesive brand, from the verbiage to the video. His new branding and website perfectly captures his vibe and personality.

Take a look at our finished project:

Video Credits:
Co-Creative Director: Dylan Harrison - Dylanharrisoncolor
Co-Creative Director: Marcus Styles @boujievisionary
Director of Photography: Austin Beery - @Beeryvisuals

Designer - Dr. Zwack - @dr.zwack

Model(s) -
Athereal Rose - @atheralrose
Jazmynn Stech - @Jazzstech
Deanna Price - @amethystrose_design


Brand Creator - Marcus Styles - @boujivisonary
Copy Writer & Editor - @Wordsbybrian